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Empierus leads IDNs, Academic Medical Centers, and Community Hospitals through initiatives which drive measurable improvements to the bottom line. We focus our efforts on supply chain, both internally and externally, as well as the technology infrastructure that healthcare runs on.

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1. Data driven

Our robust analytical approach and attention to detail allow for reasonable expectation setting and strategic pathways to success.
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2. impact oriented

We reach ‘beyond the benchmark’ to drive creative, adaptable solutions that tailor to the specific needs of each client.

3. stakeholder supported

We leverage an extensive team of business operators and medical professionals to bridge the gap between tactical and strategic value creation.
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4. future minded

The methods we apply to each initiative are well documented to support our clients in maintaining a successful future.

our services

drive meaningful impact

Financial Improvement

Empierus helps hospitals identify and implement financial improvement of non-labor expenses. These services include: purchased services, information technology services and investments, pharmaceuticals, laboratory supplies and services, physician preference items, etc.
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IT Resource Optimization

We provide services which enable fiscally responsible decision making and drive significant bottom-line value. All while helping our stakeholders navigate a world filled with new technologies, emerging threats, evolving price models, and general growing pains.
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Operational Improvement

Beyond our team’s procure-to-pay and sourcing expertise, Empierus offers additional solutions focused on solving operational issues within and on the periphery of the supply chain. We often lean on the practical use of technology to deliver efficiencies and bottom line value.
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The Empierus team is eager to learn more about the specific challenges you face and the uniqueness of your organization. We welcome healthy dialog to assess priorities, define a scope for certain opportunities, and mutually align on an implementable project plan.

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