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We partner with hospitals and health systems who seek operational efficiencies and desire accelerated improvements to the bottom-line. The Empierus team offers a range of services that help our clients optimize the procure-to-pay supply chain, extract the highest quality and value from their suppliers, and address core and non-core resource delivery models which contribute to the overall financial well-being of a healthcare provider.

financial improvement

Empierus helps hospitals identify and implement financial improvement of non-labor expenses. These services include, but are not limited to: purchased services, information technology services and investments, pharmaceuticals, laboratory supplies and services, physician preference items and all support services such as food, environmental and facilities management.

With support from Empierus, clients will address improvement opportunities across the entire spectrum of expense drivers including price, utilization, standardization, waste and make vs. buy.

Empierus outperforms its competitors in the industry by:

  • Gaining support from key stakeholders through a comprehensive assessment process
  • Diving deep into various sources of data to fully understand the expenses being evaluated
  • Taking the extra time to understand the nuances of each client’s environment

At the end of our engagement, all financial improvement is confirmed with supporting detail that the client approves. There is no question regarding the value clients receive.

Financial Improvement
Measurable & Sustainable Results
Insourcing & Outsourcing Selection
In-Depth Analysis
Cost Reduction
Revenue Enhancement
Financial improvement
Financial improvement
IT Resource optimization
IT Resource optimization

it resource optimization

We help our clients reduce their total cost of ownership on existing IT assets, and support the decision-making process when it comes to future asset replacement or a healthcare provider’s investment in new technology.

Empierus understands the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the lights on and how that balances against the ebbs and flows of IT project priorities. Our team supplements those resources by providing expertise in audit, sourcing, scope rationalization, contracting, business case / ROI development, and vendor management. 

  • Hardware & Infrastructure (e.g. End User Devices, Storage, Compute Power)
  • Software & Maintenance (e.g. Enterprise Applications, EMR/ Clinical Licensing, Bolt- on Subscriptions)
  • Connectivity (e.g. Telecom Expense Management, Carrier Subscriptions, Phone and Switching Hardware)
  • Services (e.g. Managed Service Agreements, Outsourced Call Centers, Project Labor)
Strategic Sourcing
Negotiation Support
SaaS & Services Optimization
Telecom Expense Solutions
Equipment Refresh Planning
Lifecycle Planning
Project ROI Planning
Performance Tracking
Interim Management

operational improvement


Our expertise is founded in supply chain cost reduction and optimization. Operational improvements in the supply chain typically translate to direct cost improvements. Examples of support we provide clients include process standardization, vendor rationalization, merger integration, and GPO assessments / selection.


Accumulating excess inventory is an issue for most hospitals and a good portion of this excess product is lost or tossed out each year. Unlocking value from “dead stock” inventory can provide substantial financial and operational benefits. Empierus will work with your team to identify slow moving and excess products, and determine if it can be reallocated within the health system or sold for cash.


Drive significant process and cost efficiencies in the back office through automation. The Accounts Payable function is one of the key benefactors of technology based solutions. Through AP modernization, a health system with $1 billion in non-salary spend can expect to achieve $10 million (1%) in benefit.

Supply Chain
Inventory Management
Patient Transitions
Accounts Payable Modernization
Board RoomBoard Room
Operating roomOperating room

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