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Our team members are fortunate to work side-by-side with many large Academic Medical Institutions, Integrated Delivery Networks, Stand-Alone Community Hospitals, and Associations. We share in the success of our clients and celebrate those successes as colleagues for life. Here are a few samples of our ability to augment, supplement, and/or accelerate meaningful impacts.

impact area

computer hardware

Empierus reviewed desktop, laptop, and monitor standards for an organization supporting over 33,000+ end-users on a 4-year refresh cycle. The review identified savings opportunities to streamline configurations, optimize warranty coverage based on historic use and costs to replace, and improve overall unit discounting.

Empierus supported the forecasting of buys and co-lead incumbent negotiations. The efforts helped ensure pricing would be effective immediately and sustained through a multi-year refresh program. Additional service incentives and other value adds were also incorporated into this exercise.
Client's Annual Savings
Desktop computerDesktop computer
Data centerData center

impact area

data center migration

Empierus helped guide an IDN through the financial impacts of migrating from a capital intensive on-prem data center to a ‘pay-as-you-play’ cloud-based model. The team built a return-on-investment model that took into consideration existing capital investments, associated maintenance and licensing, anticipated growth, and impacts to labor. The model was leveraged to successfully obtain executive and board approval of the project.

Subsequently, Empierus resources supported vendor contracting tied to the ROI goals of the project. This included negotiations of associated managed service rate cards, rationalization of remaining third party maintenance agreements, and tracking support to mitigate change order impacts and validate the financial impacts.
Client's Annual Savings

impact area

supply chain

Empierus led the client through the implementation of two RFP processes for reference lab services in both clinical and anatomic pathology.

The RFP included over 350 tests and was submitted to four references labs across multiple states. After completing implementation of this project, Empierus’ client had two new contracts resulting in over 30% annual savings from reduced, fixed pricing for the duration of the contracts.
Client's Annual Savings
Hospital labHospital lab
Hospital leadershipHospital leadership

impact area

span of control

Empierus conducted a span of control assessment for a large IDN. The review was focused on 6 hospitals in the IDN that were all located within a 100-mile radius.  The span of control assessment addressed the executive structure across the region, hospital-specific department leadership scope, and region-wide shared service strategies. 

Empierus identified opportunities for shared executive leadership across campuses, consolidation of department leadership within each hospital, and several new shared service functions including Finance, Quality and Support Service. 
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